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Welcome to where I have all my music creations, mixes, and programs I have made! Plus the many random things over time that I have crafted!

If you are wondering why the site is very dial-up friendly, it was originally to conserve bandwidth on a metered connection.
But now I'm just lazy. I have been looking into creating a whole new more modern site though.
Also, any site news updates will be posted below. Posts older than three updates are found in the news archive.


+ APR 11 2020 -LoanCalc received a small update to v1.10. Minor cosmetic changes that should be better on Macs!

+ FEB 28 2020 -Been too long to not update this site! But hey, few updates are better than no updates! So with that
news, I present the COMPLETE track listing of all the songs I have made!
Check out the Music section and go grab the complete pack! All 20 songs, all packaged in a nice ZIP file! Enjoy!

+ OCT 20 2018 -Without anymore delays, now in the Music section, I present 'Forward Unto Hope'! Go check it out!!!
There is also a small update to RandPass in the programs section. Been a busy few days!

Updated: APR 11 2020