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Welcome to where I have all my music creations, mixes, and programs I have made! Plus the many random things over time that I have crafted!

If you are wondering why the site is very dial-up friendly, it is and mostly to conserve bandwidth on a metered connection.
Also, any site news updates will be posted below. Posts older than three updates are found in the news archive.


+ OCT 20 2018 -Without anymore delays, now in the Music section, I present 'Forward Unto Hope'! Go check it out!!!
There is also a small update to RandPass in the programs section. Been a busy few days!

+ AUG 8 2018 -Indexer received a fairly extensive facelift...in that it now has a face. Lots of internal code
changes and now there is a progress bar to let you
know how far along Indexer is in the crawl. v3.0 is now up for download!

+ MAY 18 2018 -Hi all! Just a quick update here. I have been busy with life and have not had much time to work
on the things I end up posting here. However, I am working
on a new full mix set. My self-set goal is to have it released by
December 31st 2018. And I think I'll make that goal, but I'm not
rushing anything. I have already spent a few days on the new set
so some good progress is being made! I keep toying with the idea that the current set will
be my "last" set, but that does not seem to be the case :p.
We'll see what happens in the future. The yearly release schedule however has been thrown out.
Now any release will be on a "when I get to it" schedule!
As for site news, it is now fully SSL and HTTP/2 configured.

Updated: OCT 20 2018