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ALL of the songs here are released in 320Kb/s CBR MP3 quality. The encoder used for these files: LAME 3.99.5+ 64bit.
The encode was either from the actual source (be it WAV, CD, Vinyl, ect) or rendered on the fly in FL Studio for My Work.
Thus these productions are high quality! No muffled, paper towel tube upload quality here!
For FLAC versions, questions, comments, or donations, email me at kent.rushton[at]gmail[dot]com.
CD = Individual track version (like a CD)
Single = Single continuous MP3.


You can stream the below mixes at as well!

Title Description Track List DL Size Download
Solar 0100

This is my first mix released Nov. 30th 2008.
I used FL Studio for this mix.
No mixing experience here...and it shows sadly.
But the track list is not all bad...
This mix uses a custom filter I called Realism 1.0.
I may come back and redo this. Maybe.
EDIT: I actually did it! Check the [REDUX] version below!

1. Solarcoaster (Original Mix) - Solarstone
2. 5th Dimension - Justine Suissa, Masters & Nickson
3. Oceanic - Above & Beyond (feat. Tranquility Bass)
4. Perfect (CC5 Edit) - Markus Schulz feat. Dauby
5. Amsterdam (Super8 & Tab Remix) - Luminary
6. Resistance (Mekk Vs Activa Mix) - Mekk
7. Another You, Another Me (Lange Vs Gareth Emery) (CC5 Cut) - Lange
8. Won't Sleep Tonight (Moody Dub Mix)(CC5 Edit) - Super8 & Tab
9. North Pole - Nitrous Oxide
10. Caught In A Dream (Tom Porcell Dub) - Cressida & Melly
11. Final Cut (CC5 Short Cut) - Tom Porcell
12. Fine Day (Mike Koglin 12 Inch Mix) - Kristy Hawkshaw
13. The Sound Of Goodbye (Above & Beyond Remix) - Perpetuous Dreamer
14. Remember Me - Interstate
15. No More Alone (Feat. Stephen Pickup) - Giuseppe Ottaviani
Length: 1:18:54
180 MB (CD)
179 MB (Single)
Download (CD)
Download (Single)

Released Nov. 3rd 2009, Lebendig employed the
skills I had learned doing DJ work while in college.
I also spent much more time working with this mix
to get it to sound "professional" using my Realism 2.0 filter.
Again, I used FL Studio to complete this mix.
However, I was still learning, still growing.

1. Wireless (CC5 Vocal Edit) - Cube::Hard
2. Thug (Dub/Main CC5 Mix) - Leon Bolier
3. Talk In Grey (Paul Van Dyk Mix) - Paul Van Dyk feat. Ryan Merchant
4. Never After - Philippe El Sisi
5. One More Night Out - Presents Logistic & Sean Tyas
6. Life (Original Mix) - Ben Gold
7. In The Night (Syphentek Dub Mix) (CC5 Hyper Edit) - Toby Emerson
8. We The People - Mindbender
9. Magellan (Bluebear Project Remix) - Fleeticer
10. Man On The Run (Original Vocal Mix) - Dash Berlin, Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren
11. Iceflowers (Mind One vs. Infra Remix) [feat. Angelina] - York
12. Super Nature - Stoneface & Terminal
13. Blueprint (Club Mix) - Stoneface & Terminal
14. Alive (Ronski Speed feat. Stoneface & Terminal Vocal)(CC5 Edit) - Solarscape
Length: 1:19:23
186 MB (CD)
180 MB (Single)
Download (CD)
Download (Single)

Released Dec. 13 2010, this mix honestly was just me running
with my yearly releases. I also intended this mix to
be my last mix for a while. With some better skill employed
this was set to be my best mix at the time.
This mix has a combo Club/Uplifting trance feel.
The filter used was Realism 2.1 again with FL Studio.

1. Orchestra (Original Mix) - Anthony Waldhorn
2. Spitfire - Garry Heaney
3. Meant To be Free (Robert Burian Remix) - Anton Firtich feat. Victoria Mazze
4. Fantasy (Re-Edit) - DJ Gard
5. Esturion (Original Mix) - Agustin Servente
6. Montego Bay (Etasonic Mix) - Ingsha
7. Veritas Lux Mea (Cesar Lugo Remix) - Luke Terry
8. Pacific Blue (Daniel Kandi's Bangin Mix) - Glensk
9. Orient Sun - Cold Blue
10. Dreams (Original Mix) - Dragor
11. Five Years In Singapore (Miikka Leininen Remix) - Nervous Testpilot
12. Uplift (Hoyaa feat. Lunar System Remix) - Cylum
13. Now Or Never (Hi Plane & Jective Remix) - Daniel Loubscher feat. Illyra
Length: 1:19:54
184 MB (CD)
182 MB (Single)
Download (CD)
Download (Single)

Two year gap! After working as a DJ for almost three years,
I decided to return to make this special mix. A mix for
the fans of Trance, not this “Trouse” stuff now days. This
is a full 13 track mix of pure energy AND, and for the first
time for me on here, this set was mixed “live”. No saving
and returning later to tweak. I hit play on deck A and
did not stop until deck B ended. So enjoy a true trance trip!
This disc was released on January 25, 2013.

1. Roses Never Cry (Original Mix) - Heatbeat
2. Imperium (Original Mix) - James Dymond feat. Atlanta
3. Edge Of Sun - Se Ra Phic
4. Change The World - Daniel Kandi feat. Sarah Russell
5. Must Be The Love (Shogun Remix) - Arty/Nadia Ali/BT
6. Save The Moment (Matt Bukovisky Remix) - C Systems feat. Hanna Finsen
7. Drive (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) - Dan Stone
8. Sea Tides (Energetic Mix) - Andy Blueman
9. The Fusion (Original Mix) - Omnia/Ira
10. Not Coming Down (Extended Mix) - Ferry Corsten feat. Betsie Larkin
11. Amplify (Original Mix) - Shogun
12. Tresspass (Lemon & Einar K Club Mix) - Andy Moor feat. Sue McLaren
13. The Great Divide (Original Mix) - Velvetine
Length: 1:16:39
182 MB (CD)
175 MB (Single)
Download (CD)
Download (Single)

What a year! My goal was to really keep melodic/uplifting/progressive
Trance alive with this mix and bring you back to the
style of 2000-2004 Trance. Mixed again in a live fashion I
did my best to keep the music alive! Pure Trance as it
should be. A countless total of songs, over 200 songs made the list
to make this mix possible. Trance as it was, is, and will be.
Released January 14, 2014.

1. Caffeine - 7 Skies
2. I'll Follow (Solarstone Pure Mix) - John O'Callaghan feat. Ria
3. Holding On - Ian Standerwick
4. Neutrino (Original Mix) - Matt Davey
5. The Legacy (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) - Funabashi
6. Who's Afraid Of 138?! (Photographer Remix) - Armin Van Buuren
7. Simplicity - Suncatcher
8. Black Hole - Craig Connelly feat. Christina Novelli
9. Serenity - Gal Abutbul
10. Casllista (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) - Adam Nickey
11. Concrete Angel (Video Edit) - Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli
12. Sanctuary - Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders
13. Jewel (Daniel Kandi Emotive Mix) - Solarstone
Length: 1:19:37
181 MB (CD)
181 MB (Single)
Download (CD)
Download (Single)

The final yearly disc, year 2014! So many songs played
and so many songs kept. Totaling 513 songs played
through, and only 17 were kept for this disc..15 made it.
Many hours went into how this disc would sound
and many times, I scrapped the entire project, restarting to
make it better. I tip my hat
at this mix, and I hang up the hat for the yearly releases...
at least for now. A huge thanks to XSP STUDIOS for
mastering this release! He offered and I said go for it!
Enjoy everyone. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did
making it! Play it loud, it's the finale!
Released January 7, 2015.

1. Lazy Sundays - Jorn Van Deynhoven
2. Welcome To Your Live (Extended Vocal Mix) - Ronski Speed feat. Mark Frisch
3. Better Late Than Never - Daniel Kandi
4. My Life (Original Dub Mix) - Rene Ablaze
5. The Way Back Home - Ferry Tayle feat. Poppy
6. For You - Stoneface & Terminal feat. Ellie Lawson
7. Fight The Fire - Andy Moor feat. Sue McLaren
8. Raccoon - Solis & Sean Truby
9. Tempted (Extended Version) - Markus Schulz feat. Sarah Howells
10. Karma - Sunny Lax
11. So Much Of Me Is You (Dub Version) - Beat Service
12. Underworld - Fisherman & Hawkins
13. Aventus (Temple One Remix) - Mark Eteson
14. Unfamiliar Truth (John O'Callaghan Remix) - Lange feat. Hysteria!
15. Love Is Darkness - Sander Van Doorn feat. Carol Lee
Length: 1:19:51
187 MB (CD)
182 MB (Single)
Download (CD)
Download (Single)
Solar 0100 [REDUX]

Seven years ago, I released what was my attempt to bring back the
This Is Trance music series after they went from a continuous mix
to a compilation. However, I had very little knowledge
of the art of mixing/DJing and quite frankly,
the set shows. So in 2010 after the release of Story, I went back to
redo Solar 0100 again, but never finished due to physical injuries
and sickness. I toyed with the idea last year on bringing
Solar 0100 back to the table, to essentially
do the mix again, but with my skill set that I have built up since 2008.
Thus I present to you all the *new* mix: Solar 0100 [REDUX]!
I downloaded all the tracks again but in WAV format (except two I
could not find anywhere…seriously, no
idea where they have gone), and started the project all over again. I
moved a few tracks around, changed one track to the vocal version,
and left in some of the “style” I used in the first set. Even
brought back the “Realism Filter 2.1” in a few places.
So without further ado…enjoy!
Released July 26, 2015.

1. Solarcoaster (Original Mix) - Solarstone
2. 5th Dimension - Justine Sulssa, Masters, Nickson
3. Oceanic (Original Mix) - Tranquility Base, Above & Beyond
4. Caught In A Dream (Tom Porcell Dub) - Cressida & Melly
5. Perfect - Markus Schulz feat. Dauby
6. Resistance (Activa Remix) - Mekk
7. Amsterdam (Super8 & Tab Remix) - Luminary
8. Another You Another Me (Original Mix) - Lange, Gareth Emery
9. Won't Sleep Tonight (feat. Ben Lost) - Super8 & Tab
10. North Pole (Original Mix) - Nitrous Oxide
11. Final Cut (CC5 Cut) - Tom Porcell
12. Fine Day (Mike Koglin 12 Inch Mix) - Kristy Hawkshaw
13. The Sound Of Goodbye (Above & Beyond Remix) - Perpetuous Dreamer
14. Remember Me (Interstate Club Mix) - Interstate
15. No More Alone (feat. Stephen Pickup) - Giuseppe Ottaviani
Length: 1:19:57
192 MB (CD)
182 MB (Single)
Download (CD)
Download (Single)
Forward Unto Hope

Introducing Forward Unto Hope! I started this set with the intention and theme
of anti-bullying. After a few proposed changes and
song swaps, I ended up dropping the heavy theme and instead
keeping a part of it, while merging in
other another theme of loss, struggle, and the fact that things in life
will get better! Time heals all things right? From personal loss of family, friends,
and trying to see the bright side of things again, a lot of energy, love
and emotion went into this set. The overall project
was scrapped and rebuilt five times, with nine intro changes, ten ending changes,
and 221 songs played to find this collection.
If you are struggling in life for any reason, I truly hope this will help make
things a little better! Also, the song lyrics are now attached to the CD version
of the songs!
Released October 20, 2018.

1. Intro - ClickClick 5
2. Contrasts (Extended Mix) - Vintage & Morelli
3. Moonbow (Extended Mix) - Super8 & Tab
4. Shelter (feat. Roxanne Emery) (Solis & Sean Truby Mix) - Dash Berlin
5. Vona (Extended Mix) - Dan Stone, Ferry Tayle
6. Break Without The Pain (feat. Katty Heath) (Original Mix) - Allen Watts
7. Footprints On The Moon (Extended Mix) - Suncatcher, Exolight
8. RAMexico (Extended Mix) - RAM
9. Nowhere To Be Found (feat. Roxanne Emery) (Craig Connelly Remix) - Fabio XB, Liuck
10. I Found You (feat. Meredith Call) (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) - Solarstone
11. Behind The Silence (feat. Kate Miles) (Cold Blue Remix) - Joint Operations Centre
12. Forever And A Day (feat. Stine Grove) (Original Mix) - RAM
13. All Over Again (feat. Plumb) (Extended Mix) - Bryan Kearney
14. How Can I (feat. Jessica Lawrence) (John O'Callaghan Extended Remix) - Craig Connelly
Length: 1:13:37
176 MB (CD)
168 MB (Single)
Download (CD)
Download (Single)

Updated: OCT 20 2018