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Here you can find all of the programs I have either made, or compiled for easy access.
All the Java programs were compiled in Java SE 8 and you will need at least Java 8 to run these.
Java 8 can be downloaded here.

Java Programs

Title Description DL Size Download
LoanCalc v1.10

This is a very simple to use calculator for loan computation.
The calculator accepts the loan amount, interest, payments, duration, etc.
Making this program very powerful for its size, and cost...FREE!
It can also generate a report for bookkeeping! PDF instructions are included too.

345 KB Download
Indexer v3.1

Originally created by a friend in 2011; Indexer will recursivly crawl
through all folders and list each file. I have since taken over development.
The primary goal for this program was to catalog files in an easy printout,
and we started to find better ways to use Indexer as well!
Version 3.1 requires Java 8 or higher.

163 KB Download
JBench v3.0

After almost three years, I am releasing an update to JBench!
Version 3.0! With a lot of changes under the hood, the program still
does the Mersenne Prime equation with a random sorting string. The default
number size is 0-100,000,000, but you can set it to a different size if you want
to push the computer harder. Do note, the test is very RAM heavy! More
details can be found in the included text documents.
I recommend running the default test with this command:
java -jar -Xms12G "JBench v3.0.jar"

9 KB Download
Displace v1.0

This was my first program after taking my first Java class.
I found it the other day and decided to implement a GUI vs just running the
program within the command line. Displace is used to convert engine sizes from
Liters, to Cubic Inches, to Cubic Centimeters. PDF instructions are included too.

125 KB Download
RandPass v1.3

RandPass is a random password generator for a quick way to
create a secure password. The program creates a random string of 128 characters
then randomly pulls your preferred password length from there. Your options are
4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 24, 32, 40.

4 KB Download

Updated: FEB 4 2021