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Here are things that I have decided are post-worthy but don't fit in the other categories.

Title Description DL Size Download
MS-DOS Boot Floppy

This I am posting to make the lives of others easy. This for me was hard to find honestly.
I would find sections, bad links, weird compressed images, adds, trojans, etc.
This is simply the files for a bootable DOS floppy.
Pulled from Win XP, just copy the files to a floppy and presto!
No silly gimmicks or multistep processes! Unzip, copy, boot, done.

86 KB Download
Animated GIF Pack Long ago I was into GIF animation. This pack is a set of GIFs that I created in 2006, with one
being made in 2007.
4.3 MB Download

Updated: OCT 17 2016