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Here are things that I have decided are post-worthy but don't fit in the other categories.

Title Description DL Size Download
POV-Ray v3.7.0.10

This is a maintenance release (or update) to the November 2013 Povray release.
This update contains small, minor fixes but mostly brings nice speed improvements.
This is mostly due to the code being compiled for more modern CPUs, bringing nice speed
improvements. Tests done show a 4%-18% speed improvement over There is more
information in the "READ FIRST.txt" in the download.
You will need the VS2015 redist or newer installed, which can be downloaded directly
from Microsoft here.
This update was compiled on Feb 6th, 2022.
Windows 64bit only.
MD5: 0BF6830773AC374626E0D6B359935B88

3.35 MB Download
MS-DOS Boot Floppy

This I am posting to make the lives of others easy. This for me was hard to find honestly.
I would find sections, bad links, weird compressed images, adds, trojans, etc.
This is simply the files for a bootable DOS floppy.
Pulled from Win XP, just copy the files to a floppy and presto!
No silly gimmicks or multistep processes! Unzip, copy, boot, done.

86 KB Download
Animated GIF Pack Long ago I was into GIF animation. This pack is a set of GIFs that I created in 2006, with one
being made in 2007.
4.3 MB Download

Updated: FEB 6 2022