ClickClick 5: Six Shooter Series

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ALL of the songs here are released in 320Kb/s CBR MP3 quality. The encoder used for these files: LAME 3.99.5+ 64bit.
The encode was either from the actual source (be it WAV, CD, Vinyl, ect) or rendered on the fly in FL Studio for My Work.
Thus these productions are high quality! No muffled, paper towel tube upload quality here!
For FLAC versions, questions, comments, or donations, email me at kent.rushton[at]gmail[dot]com.
CD = Individual track version (like a CD)
Single = Single continuous MP3.

Six Shooter

Title Description Track List DL Size Download
My Life

My first Drum&Bass mix that started the six shooter series.
All six songs are by SparrowSound for this mix.
Compiled in FL Studio with Realisim 2.0.
The six shooter series is six songs with no time limit...that is it!
Quite enjoyable! Released in 2009.

1. MX35
2. Factory
3. The Doctor
4. Another Dimension
5. Destructo
6. Turning Off
Length: 20:46
47.2 MB (CD)
47.3 MB (Single)
Download (CD)
Download (Single)
Fly Away

My first HappyHardcore mix! I wanted to do a full mix but
lazyness overcame me and another six shooter was born.
Enjoy! Again, FL Studio and Realisim 2.0.
Released late 2009.

1. Fly Away (Hixxy Mix) - Visa
2. Let Me Fly (Jamie Ritman Remix) - Darren Styles & Mark Breeze
3. Feelin' Me (Breeze & Styles Mix) - 4 Rising Stars
4. U Got 2 Let The Music (K-Complex, Voycey & Douglas Remix)- Cappella
5. Music Is Moving (Gammer's Hardcore Remix) - Nukleuz Kollective feat. Cortina
6. Infinity (Jakazid Dub) - Fonzerelli
Length: 33:23
75.9 MB (CD)
76 MB (Single)
Download (CD)
Download (Single)

WOO! Another HappyHardcore six shooter! This is the second
half of the never completed full mix...minus a few songs.
Still a fun project!
FL Studio and Realisim 2.1 were used for this mix.
I relesasd this mix in 2010.

1. A Feeling (DJ Seduction Hardcore Remix) - Stu Allan
2. Chemical Love (Jamie Ritmen Remix) - Darren Styles & Mark Breeze
3. I Feel Love (Breeze & Styles Remix) - CRW
4. Hoovers & Horns (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix) - Bk & Fergie
5. Twilight (DeeJay Bee & in effect Remix) - Angel Eyez
6. What's Up (Dougal & Gammer Hardcore Remix) - DJ Destiny
Length: 28:23
64.7 MB (CD)
64.7 MB (Single)
Download (CD)
Download (Single)

I tried to mix D&B before. This six shooter was to be a full disc mix.
But since 2010, I have found D&B is not my genera to mix :(
So I chopped down the mix and tried a six shooter and I still did not like it.
So I tried it again, and again, and again and then gave up.
The past two days, I decided I would finish this six and release it. It is not
mind blowing, but still something to hit the subs with!
Released: February 18, 2013

1. Adventure Unfolds - Dieselboy
2. Age Of Empires - Photek
3. Blok-O-Theque (CC5 Edit) - BLOKHE4D
4. Play Tonight - Tantrum Desire
5. So High - Camo
6. The More I Want (Original Mix) - DC Breaks feat. Rox
Length: 18:19
41.4 MB (CD)
41.5 MB (Single)
Download (CD)
Download (Single)
The Trimmings

For your enjoyment, I present six songs that did not make it into any of
the full-length mix discs. Both track 1 and 2 were set to
be the intro for Triambic, but after multiple set changes, both were dumped.
Track 3 was going to be a song in fTBRW; and did not make the
cut due to me not liking where the song would fit. Track 4 was going to be track
12 in Triambic but due to me running out of time, I pulled
the song at the last minute. Track 5 was going to be in fTBRW; but was removed
in favor of a different song. Track 6 was going to be the end
of fTBRW; but I decided to use The Great Divide as the end instead.
So, here they all are in the new Six Shooter! Enjoy!
Released: February 12, 2014

1. Endymion (CC5 Vocal Cut) - Orjan Nilsen
2. Walter White (Original Mix) (CC5 Vocal Cut) - Above & Beyond
3. Spring Breeze (Martin Roth Summerstyle Mix) - DJ Tatana
4. Fallback - Overseas
5. Awaken (Original Mix) - Bryan Kearney
6. Never Cry Again (Original Vocal Mix) - Dash Berlin
Length: 40:51
93.1 MB (CD)
93.1 MB (Single)
Download (CD)
Download (Single)

Trying a completly different style here. A blend between Trence-House-Chill!
This six shooter is a nice slow melow set, that I'm sure will releax. Enjoy!
Released: April 8, 2015

1. Before I'm Yours ft. Brian Dales & Brix - Cole Plante
2. Kuaga (Original Mix) - Pierce Fulton
3. Glow (Original Mix) - Attom
4. Cut Your Teeth (Kygo Remix) - Kyla La Grange
5. Perfect Night (Original Mix) - Rodg
6. Lion (Original Mix) - PANG!
Length: 25:32
59.2 MB (CD)
58.1 MB (Single)
Download (CD)
Download (Single)

I finally had some free time to spend on the audio projects cluttering my notepad.
Going back to the UK Hardcore genera for this six shooter. Simple, fast paced
and heavy hitting at times! Sure to irritate the neighbors!
Released: July, 16 2017

1. Take Me Back (Original Mix) - Darren Styles & Kutski
2. All Night (Original Mix) - Stonebank
3. Diamond Mouth (Original Mix) - Spyro
4. Islands In The Sky (Original Mix) - Jakka B & Macks Wolf
5. Vampires (Callum Higby Remix) - Callum Higby & Macks Wolf
6. Light Show (Original Mix) - Technikore & Michael Mansion & JTS
Length: 21:21
50.2 MB (CD)
49.0 (Single)
Download (CD)
Download (Single)

Updated: JUL 16 2017