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Here lies the old news posts from the front page. This is forever their home.

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+ APR 11 2020 -LoanCalc received a small update to v1.10. Minor cosmetic changes that should be better on Macs!

+ FEB 28 2020 -Been too long to not update this site! But hey, few updates are better than no updates! So with that
news, I present the COMPLETE track listing of all the songs I have made!
Check out the Music section and go grab the complete pack! All 20 songs, all packaged in a nice ZIP file! Enjoy!


+ OCT 20 2018 -Without anymore delays, now in the Music section, I present 'Forward Unto Hope'! Go check it out!!!
There is also a small update to RandPass in the programs section. Been a busy few days!

+ AUG 8 2018 -Indexer received a fairly extensive facelift...in that it now has a face. Lots of internal code
changes and now there is a progress bar to let you
know how far along Indexer is in the crawl. v3.0 is now up for download!

+ MAY 18 2018 -Hi all! Just a quick update here. I have been busy with life and have not had much time to work
on the things I end up posting here. However, I am working
on a new full mix set. My self-set goal is to have it released by
December 31st 2018. And I think I'll make that goal, but I'm not
rushing anything. I have already spent a few days on the new set
so some good progress is being made! I keep toying with the idea that the current set will
be my "last" set, but that does not seem to be the case :p.
We'll see what happens in the future. The yearly release schedule however has been thrown out.
Now any release will be on a "when I get to it" schedule!
As for site news, it is now fully SSL and HTTP/2 configured.

+ JAN 31 2018 -The site is now SSL secure!

+ JAN 4 2018 -Hi all! Nothing new on the site today, just letting you all know I'm not dead, just I have not been
active on any projects for a while. I do have plans
to bump the site here to HTTPS, but other than that, all is quiet.
I did have some small song ideas make a little progress in October
but nothing since then really. Honestly, if anything, I have more work done on a new Six-Shooter than anything else.
So maybe a release before the end of the year? We'll see!


+ SEP 6 2017 - That was fast... LoanCalc version 1.9 is out. Just some quick changes!

+ AUG 31 2017 - Over three years since the last update, LoanCalc is now on version 1.8! Added the ability to pick
months or years for the loan duration, and minor tweaks.

+ JUL 16 2017 -I'm not dead or missing. Just been busy with work and other life duties. However, I had some free time
this weekend and ended up making another Six Shooter mix!I went back to the
UK Hardcore genera for this one, and tried to keep the same style and quality
I have used in the past. Maybe more items will come later this year? I do have a super rough
edit of another Trance disc...but I'm not holding myself to any type of time table
for its release. So without further ado, 170BPM! Noted for each song is 170 BPM. Or bullets per minute…

+ JAN 19 2017 -Wanted to give you all an update on things going on!
First, I noticed I uploaded the wrong version of New World Party [REWORK].
This was a pre-mastered release and I apologize! So if you have
downloaded the song between December 1st and earlier today, then please redownload.
The version that is up there now is the correct version!
Secondly, I canceled a long running project for a new mix set after running around in circles with it.
This was going to be a House/Deep House mix and I just could not bring myself to finish
working on the set. However, I might still make a Six-Shooter from that project, but not soon.
Pretty much all creative projects are on a hold. No new programs or updates, or mixes.
Life has been taking a lot of free time up so I have not been able to focus on anything new.
But if I do come up with anything new, it will be posted here!
And for those of you providing feedback and pointing out bugs, thank you!
Till the next update! Happy New Year!


+ DEC 1 2016 - Released a rework version of my song "New World Party"!
Check out the Music page for the release! New World Party [REWORK]

+ OCT 17 2016 - Removed the old minecraft mod pack. The server hosting
that version has not been up in a long time.

+ OCT 10 2016 - After 7 years and a day, I finally have released the
Ballad Of Ricky Moon! Grab it in the Music section! I can't express
how I feel finally releasing this tune!

+ AUG 2 2016 - RandPass v1.2 is out. Some general cleaning, GUI change again
and added the option to create a 40 char long password.

+ JUL 27 2016 - Check out the Programs page for a massive update to JBench!

+ JUN 4 2016 - I updated RandPass back to a different GUI design. I changed
the design multiples times during development, and the final design just
did not sit well with me. I feel the new design is much better!

+ MAY 24 2016 - Added a new program to the "Programs" section: RandPass!
RandPass is a simple secure password generator. More info in the program description!

+ MAY 18 2016 - Where did the site go?! A move and a new server are to blame! I took this opertunity to do quite a few things to the site as well:
- Changed the background color to #86dbff from #add6ff.
- Added all my released songs into one zip.
- Changed all downloads into ZIP format vs 7z for compatibility.
- Created a single file download for all mixes.
-Cleaned up page information.
- Removed old software.
- Recompiled all java programs in Java 8, and added version history.
- Added a new Java program (Displace)!
- Added About Me page (not done yet).
- Added old news page.

+ APR 6 2016 - Go checkout the Programs section! Indexer got a HUGE update! Version 2.0!

+ FEB 27 2016 - Got a lot of little changes coming to the site soon. Mid April is the goal. Nothing truly crazy, but it involves a new host server.
So if the site goes down for a few days, hours, ect, don't worry, just getting some work done!


+ JUL 26 2015 - Do you hear that? It finally happened! Solar 0100 [REDUX]! Check it out in the "Music" section!

+ APR 08 2015 - Just released! Another Six Shooter mix: Glow. This time going for a slowed Trance-House-Chill effect.

+ JAN 07 2015 - It. Is. Done! Disc number four, Anthem! Go snag it in the music section!
By demand, I have included the normal CD version and the continuous
version for single play. I hope you all enjoy this mix.
This is my best work, and I enjoy every track on this disc!
I never became tired or bored playing through this set time and time again. Also, a big
thank you to XSP STUDIOS for offering to do the final mastering for me! I hope you all enjoy!
Oh! They are in a zip container, as the 7z container was causing problems for some.
I'll convert all the other files into zips later.


+ SEP 29 2014 - Well it is time again to lockdown the tracks for the next disc!
Out of a year of listening, filtering, and generic screaming, I have collected
27 tracks that I will filter and see who makes the cut. Also, as things stand, this will be my last yearly release.
From here on I will release mixes on a "When it's done" schedule. This might also be my last Trance full CD mix... we'll see.
Fitting the mix to an 80 min restriction just seems counterproductive now days.
But rest assured, this will be one nice disc.
I feel very good on the direction of this one!... for the first time in a while!

+ APR 17 2014 - Updated LoanCalc to version 1.7! Just a few tweaks and added the ability to print.

+ FEB 12 2014 - Added a new Six Shooter in the Music section! The Trimmings, six songs that did not make the full disc mixes!

+ JAN 14 2014 - And. It. Is. Done! Triambic is now released! Check it out in the "Music" section!

No news archives past this point. Site originally went live in September 2011, but no news was kept.